KYOCERA AVX Components s.r.o.

KYOCERA AVX Components s.r.o. (before AVX Czech Republic s.r.o.) is part of the multinational KYOCERA AVX Corporation based in South Carolina, USA (owned by the Japanese company Kyocera Group). KYOCERA AVX Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of passive electronic components and a recognized technical leader in the industry. Its market share also makes it a dominant player in the world market.

Part of the tantalum division is the Lanškroun plant, which was founded in 1992 under the name AVX Czechoslovakia s.r.o. based on successful cooperation between AVX Corporation and Tesla Lanškroun (traditional electronic components manufacturer).

The Lanškroun plant was the first KYOCERA AVX Corporation plant in the Czech Republic, gradually expanding and currently KYOCERA AVX Components s.r.o. has four factories producing a wide range of products.

  • the Lanskroun plant (tantalum division), not only produces a wide range of tantalum capacitors, but also serves the research and development center of these electronic components
  • the Uherske Hradiste plant (ceramic capacitors division and "special products") produces ceramic and power capacitors, MLO capacitors and varistors
  • the plant in Bzenec (Connector Division) focuses on the manufacture of contacts, plastic injection and assembly of connectors

All KYOCERA AVX Components s.r.o. plants in Czech Republic hold all the necessary certifications for product distribution even for the most demanding markets.

In total, the company has more than 2500 employees in the Czech Republic, of which, more than 150 are expert technicians, technical and development engineers.

History of KYOCERA AVX Components s.r.o


Merger of AVX Corporation and Kyocera Corporate Electronic Components into the joint brand KYOCERA AVX Components Corporation (for the Czech Republic under the name KYOCERA AVX Components s.r.o.)


AVX Receives Ethertonics & Extends Product Range to Store Anten and Buys KUMATEC Sondermaschinenbau & Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH


AVX acquires AB Electronik, the Transportation, Sensing & Control Division of TT Electronics PLC


AVX acquires Nichicon Tantalum Division


AVX is acquired by American Technical Ceramics (ATC)


AVX is acquired by the Thomson-CSF (TPC) Passive Components Division


AVX takes ownership of ELCO Corporation and enters NYSE as a public company


AVX assumes responsibility for ELCO Corporation


AVX connects with Kyocera Corporation


AVX acquires Unitrode Passive Components


AVX receives Tantalum operations STC MLC, Glass & Tantalum operating in Corning


AVX Distribution Center is open in Hong Kong, China


Avx Ltd begins production in Coleraine, Northern Ireland


Avx opens a factory in San Salvador and a research plant in Myrtle Beach, SC


AVX limits forms for vtup to the European market


AVX becomes the world's leading manufacturer of MLC


Aerovox sells the name and non-ceramic trade changes to AVX Corporation


Founding of AVX Ceramics Incorporated


Aerovox gets Electrical Reactance


Electrical Reactance Corp, launches condenser operations in Myrtle Beach, SC


Renaming to AEROVOX

KYOCERA AVX in Czech Republic

We consolidate our leadership in the traditional high-volume commercial market (mobile phones, computers, television, gaming consoles, etc.) This requires offering the best technical and cost-effective solutions, achievable through efficient production, implementation of cost-saving programs, yield improvement, saving in materials and manufacturing in the most cost-effective plants.

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