KYOCERA AVX Plant in Bzenec

The plant in Bzenec with 25,000 m² of production area + 80,000 m² of free area is focused on the production of connectors. Its operation was started in 2013 by transferring production from the plant in Uherské Hradiště, where the production of connectors had a nearly 20-year tradition.

Our connectors are mainly installed in control units and active and passive safety components. As part of new trends in the automotive industry, we also focus our connectors on the area of autonomous driving. Part of our production goes into industrial applications, computers, mobile phones, computer networks and electric bikes. Emphasis is also placed on safety, quality and product reliability. In terms of the company's further development, we see the potential mainly in sharing experience, investing in new technologies, and consolidating our position in a market where KYOCERA AVX is becoming one of the largest connector manufacturers in the world. We are expanding our production capacity by acquiring new projects from customers, consolidating and transferring production from our parent plant in Germany.

We manufacture connectors from the initial components to the final product. This self-sufficiency has helped us to overcome a difficult period in 2020 when most other companies were struggling with a shortage of input materials. In recent years, we have significantly automated and digitized production, so that our employees work with the latest technologies such as high-speed height presses, fully automated injection molding, assembly lines and fully automated electroplating lines. Operation of the most modern fully automated electroplating line started in September 2021.

Moulding of plastics - Moulding

Connectors assembly - Stitching

Plating - Plating