KYOCERA AVX Plant in Lanškroun

The KYOCERA AVX plant in Lanškroun is focused on the development and production of tantalum electrolytic capacitors. Our range covers virtually the entire range of products of this type of electronic components used worldwide.

The KYOCERA AVX's activities began in Lanškroun in 1990, as a collaboration between AVX Corporation and Tesla Lanškroun. Within a few years, it was successful in introducing the complete, and relatively complex, production of tantalum capacitors. In the following years, the company invested heavily; building a new production hall, establishing the R & D department, expanding its technical development. Gradually, the customer service, IT development center, and other support departments for the entire AVX tantalum division. The plant locality plays a major role in the dominant position of AVX in the world market of tantalum capacitors. KYOCERA AVX Components s.r.o. in Lanškroun benefits, in particular from the work from its top experts, technologists and developers who are constantly coming up with new products and improved component parameters, often the first in the world. Moving hand in hand with development ensures rapid introduction to production, the basis of market success today. The experience and improvement of the Lanškroun plant is then transferred to other plants in the tantalum divisions around the world.

During the existence of AVX Czech Republic Ltd., the Lanškroun plant has achieved a series of world-renowned awards. Among the most significant being the ELEKTRA AWARDS - the "Best Product of the Year" awarded in 2005, 2010 and 2015.

One example of the success of the research work can be found on the Curiosity vehicle. Therein, 630 tantalum capacitors from Lanškroun provide energy to the laser guns to analyse the rocks of the planet Mars. Our components can be found in virtually all electronically controlled products - from mobile phones, computers, consumer electronics, through to electronics in cars, aircraft, industrial equipment, medical devices, and mining and space industries.

At present, the Lanškroun plant is undergoing transformation from high-volume production to products for special and demanding markets, and the company is investing in new technology and plant development.

KYOCERA AVX in Lanškroun significantly contributed to the development of the city and its surroundings, not only from the point of view of employment, but also opened space for the creation of several smaller companies in the region.



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